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Info here soon.
Nearly a week now within the ranks of the school. I'm glad to be out of there for awhile. I've learned a lot already, though some of it is incredibly useless. What do I care what the living races need in the way of treatments, anyway? There's only one true treatment for their condition. I suppose in learning how to treat them, I might learn better ways to end their lives, as well. That's something, at least.

As I write this, I'm sitting within the inn of a small town known as Crossroads. The living come and go from here frequently for such a small town, most on their way to or from other places. I'm doing the best I can to ignore them. Makes me a little twitchy though. But, the reason I'm here in the first place. I need to stop letting myself get distracted.

Tonight was what they call Clinic, in which they come to this small town and minister to the wounded and ill. I came as a part of my course of studies, and to observe further what goes on when the races all mix so unnaturally. And there was much to observe, though most came from those from the school. Few wounded came, and of those, some seemed beyond help...erratic and probably mentally disturbed. But, I suppose the suffering the living have to endure would produce madness eventually.

There was a bit of excitement when one of the school's protectors, a forsaken thankfully, battled in a pair of duels with a forsaken warrior. I was allowed to bandage the wounds of the warrior, and to offer refreshment to the school's protector, Sir Arrens. It was Sir Arrens that first led me to the party a week ago, and then to the school which has offered me so much opportunity, so I was happy to serve him even if in only such a small way.

The only thing that really marred the experience was that no one died the whole evening. well, that and that so many of the living felt the need to show themselves. But, as this school is run by one of the living, I suppose I shall have to beware showing too openly my disgust at having to mix with them. I'm not ready yet to lose out on the opportunities I have right now.

I need rest now, though. It's very draining, watching the living suffer by their very nature of being still alive.

More later.

{OOC} Background thoughts to be organized

Likes shiny things. No, really. Like nearly hypnotically mesmerised by them. This is the reason she's a jewelcrafter.

Crazy. Yeah, really insane. Possibly even some form of DID/MPD. But certainly crazy.

Fire. She dreams of things burning. Everyone, everything. Fire is beautiful, fire is cleansing, fire ends suffering.

She believes all suffering should end. Anything living is suffering. The only true way to end suffering is through ending the life. Preferably in fire.

Obsesses over beauty. Life is ugly, and living things are ugly. Death is beautiful.

Born and grew up at Balnir Farm. No one special, just a farm girl that became a farm hand's wife. Minor talents for healing and easing pain when alive. When the plague came, she watched everyone around her die and be ressurected as undead. Escaped by locking herself in the cellar, cold and dark and alone. She didn't escape the plague that killed everyone she ever knew and loved. The plague instead incubated within her, taking much longer to kill her than the normal quick and comparatively easy death. She suffered greatly, and was insane from the madness she'd witnessed, being trapped within the cellar, and the utter agony she suffered while dying of the plague. Something about her unusual death left her aware when she was ressurected yet still completely under the control of the Lich King, furthering her descent into madness.

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Sep. 11th, 2009

The party that drew me out of my solitude was...interesting. Of course, it was also loud and stunk of the living. But one must be willing to put up with such things to accomplish goals.

What surprised me the most was that other Forsaken were present at the event. This, in the end, proved to be most enlightening. I found myself introduced to two Forsaken, after having witnessed an intriguing conversation between them. But until I'm more sure of my place here, and the safety of this writing, I think I'll refrain from detailing the conversation I witnessed. Let's just say that I may have found means to further my own plans from it.

As for where I am now...well, that is also interesting. As I write this, I'm sitting within a small room...my room, I was told, though I don't trust that yet...at a school of medicine. Their aim appears to be to fight the Alliance and the Scourge through the healing of those hurt in the struggles. I realized upon hearing of it that it would be a tremendous opportunity to study the various races, and the policies of both the Horde and the Alliance.

I was amazed that I was accepted here with so little effort on my part. They appear to have accepted my application at face value. And here, in the seeming privacy of this room, that still bring a smile to my face. After all, certainly never lied on the form they had me fill out. I do desire to end the suffering of all.

They just haven't realized yet that the only way to do that is by ending their very existence.

I'm going to explore this place a bit more. And to watch. Always to watch.

More later.


Applying as a student with Da Doctas School

Da Doctas Student Application

Basic Information

Full Name: Afonwyn Morcant.
Titles/Rank: None.
Sex: __M _X_F
Age (Age at death if Forsaken): 31 years.
Race: Forsaken.
Class: Priest.
Season ((Level)): 74.
Professions ((Skill levels)): Jewelcrafting, 450. Mining, 101. Fishing, 307. Cooking, 400. First Aid, 360.
Birthplace: Balnir Farmstead, Tirisfal Glades.
Next of kin: None.
Contact in case of emergency: None.

Applying to:
_X_ Study with Da Doctas
__ Teach for Da Doctas
__ Work as Protection for Da Doctas
__ Other

Short-answer questions:
Please answer with a minimum of one or two sentences of information.

What areas of study would you like to focus on?  I would like to better serve the Queen with my natural skills in easing the pains of others, and to improve on those skills and any others I may possess to better serve.

What hobbies and/or extra-curricular activities, if any, do you have? I like to collect beasts, and pretty things. Especially candles...and other things that burn.

How would you be an asset to the school? I am eager to learn anything I can, and I want to end the pain of those suffering.

Please list your past three occupations or schools of study, starting with the most recent: I've never had formal training beyond studying with the old priestess of Brill before the plague came and changed everything. Anything I've learned since then has been through simple observation.

Please list the names and last known whereabouts of two references: I've kept to myself, and as such have no formal references. I decided to apply to the school after overhearing it spoken of by Sir Arrens at a gathering...a "party" in Tanaris.

Please tell us one thing about yourself that you would like us to know: I am dedicated to ending the suffering of all, at any cost.