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Sep. 11th, 2009

The party that drew me out of my solitude was...interesting. Of course, it was also loud and stunk of the living. But one must be willing to put up with such things to accomplish goals.

What surprised me the most was that other Forsaken were present at the event. This, in the end, proved to be most enlightening. I found myself introduced to two Forsaken, after having witnessed an intriguing conversation between them. But until I'm more sure of my place here, and the safety of this writing, I think I'll refrain from detailing the conversation I witnessed. Let's just say that I may have found means to further my own plans from it.

As for where I am now...well, that is also interesting. As I write this, I'm sitting within a small room...my room, I was told, though I don't trust that yet...at a school of medicine. Their aim appears to be to fight the Alliance and the Scourge through the healing of those hurt in the struggles. I realized upon hearing of it that it would be a tremendous opportunity to study the various races, and the policies of both the Horde and the Alliance.

I was amazed that I was accepted here with so little effort on my part. They appear to have accepted my application at face value. And here, in the seeming privacy of this room, that still bring a smile to my face. After all, certainly never lied on the form they had me fill out. I do desire to end the suffering of all.

They just haven't realized yet that the only way to do that is by ending their very existence.

I'm going to explore this place a bit more. And to watch. Always to watch.

More later.



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